The Bon Scott Estate is the proud custodian of Bon Scott’s very special place in history as the iconic lead singer in the early chapters of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Bon Scott, best remembered as the frontman of the legendary hard rock band AC/DC during the 1970s, was born in Forfar, Scotland on July 9th 1946. He moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1952, and eventually settled in Fremantle.

In the July 2004 issue of Classic Rock, Scott was rated as number one in a list of the 100 Greatest Frontmen of all time. Subsequently in 2006 Scott made the top 5 list in Hit Parader magazine on their list of 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Vocalists of all time.

Scott’s vocals were inspired by his idol, Little Richard, and after working as a postman, bartender and a truck packer, Scott started his first band, The Spektors, in 1966 as drummer and occasional lead singer. After a year the Spektors merged with another local band, the Winstons, and formed the Valentines, in which Scott was the co-lead singer.

After the Valentines disbanded in 1970 Scott joined the progressive rock band Fraternity. They released the LPs Livestock and Flaming Galah before touring the UK in 1973, where they changed their name to Fang. During this time they played support slots for Status Quo and Geordie, whose frontman Brian Johnson would eventually succeed Scott in AC/DC after his death.

Scott replaced Dave Evans as the lead singer of AC/DC on October 24th 1974, when it became obvious the band and Evans were heading in different directions.  The rest, as they say, is history!

The information in the biography above is from Wikipedia and All Music’s artist biography by Jason Ankeny.

What is the Bon Scott Estate?

“Bon Scott Estate” is the trading name used by Sevdoka Pty Ltd which, as trustee of the RB Scott Estate Trust, has been the custodian of the Estate of the Late Ronald Belford Scott since shortly after Bon’s untimely passing.  Bon’s family members are the directors of Sevdoka Pty Ltd.  “Bon Scott Estate” is an Australian registered business name.

Who manages the Bon Scott Estate?

Sonic Rights Management serves as the Bon Scott Estate’s sole and exclusive business & rights manager.  The Sonic Rights Management and Sonic Lawyers businesses are operated by separate but related companies with common directorship.

How can I contact the Bon Scott Estate?

You can contact the Bon Scott Estate through Sonic Rights Management.


Phone: +61 2 7227 7479

Alternatively, you can contact the Bon Scott Estate through its lawyers, Sonic Lawyers.


Phone: +61 2 7227 7479

Where can I buy official Bon Scott merchandise?

Perryscope Productions is the Bon Scott Estate’s exclusive merchandise partner, and operates the Bon Scott Official Store.  Perryscope and its sub-licensees create merchandise approved by the Bon Scott Estate.  Licensed merchandise will refer to Sevdoka Pty Ltd.

Who controls Bon Scott's music rights?

Bon Scott is best known for his work with AC/DC.  Publishing and recording rights relating to AC/DC are generally owned by Australian Music Corporation Pty Ltd, which is owned by AC/DC’s longtime label and publisher, Alberts.

Alberts’ current administrators/licensees are:

  • Sony Music Publishing (for publishing)
  • Columbia / Sony (for recordings)

In respect of bands prior to AC/DC, please contact Sonic Rights Management for further information.

I want to use Bon Scott's music, how do I get permission?

It depends on where you are located and which song you are wanting to use:


AC/DC – contact Sony Music Publishing for all inquiries (publishing or recordings)

Non-AC/DC publishing (including Fraternity) – contact Sony Music Publishing

Non-AC/DC recordings – contact Sonic Rights Management for further information

All other territories:

AC/DC publishing – contact Sony Music Publishing

AC/DC recordings – contact Columbia

Non-AC/DC publishing (including Fraternity) – contact Sony Music Publishing

Non-AC/DC recordings – contact Sonic Rights Management for further information

Is the Bon Scott Estate associated at all with and a proposed documentary titled "Looking For Bon"?

No – neither are connected with or authorised by the Bon Scott Estate.

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